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Dog keeping is popular, and for a valid reason. Dogs and other household animals offer love, security, and affection. However, a pet owner must be held accountable for the harm that their pet and their negligence have created when they fail to take reasonable safeguards and their pet seriously injured someone else. Injuries from dog bites and other animal assaults include severe blood loss, strained and broken muscles, limb amputation, brain damage, and a variety of other grave conditions. Anyone can sustain significant injuries from a particularly violent dog.

Our Del Mar dog bite lawyer can help you with your injury claim

After a dog or other animal attacks you or a loved one, our law firm's dog bite attorneys can assist you in getting better. Our Del Mar dog bite lawyer is aware of the challenges involved in pursuing a dog bite or other animal attack claim, and we will work with you to develop the best possible case and seek the highest possible compensation.

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California Civil Code Section 3342

According to California's Civil Code 3342, irrespective of the dog's prior viciousness or the owner's knowledge of such behavior, any person who is bitten by a dog while lawfully in a public place or a private place, including the dog's property owner, may sue the owner of the dog for the damages incurred.

If your dog bites someone, you are responsible according to the standards. Remember that ignorance about the dog's potential for biting is not an acceptable excuse. But what if a dog didn't bite you but gave you injuries?

There is no strict culpability in these situations since carelessness is at play. As the victim, you will need to demonstrate that the dog owner did not exercise reasonable care. You must also demonstrate how the injuries were caused directly by this. Imagine, for instance, that a dog tries to play with you and leaps on you, knocking you over and scratching your face. By not keeping the dog on a leash or in a fenced-in yard, you must show that the owner did not exercise reasonable care.

In the past, a dog's owner had to be aware that their pet may bite someone else before they were legally responsible for an attack. But this is no longer the case due to changes in the legislation. A dog's owner may be held responsible for any bites, even if the dog has never been hostile or attacked anybody before. To put it another way, all that must occur for you to file a lawsuit over a dog bite is for the dog to bite you.

So, for a dog owner to be held responsible for injuries brought on by a dog bite, the injury victim does not need to demonstrate that the owner was careless in any manner or that they were aware the dog had a history of biting. Undoubtedly, if a dog bites someone despite never before displaying any symptoms of aggression, the owner may be held responsible for the victim's injuries. Strict responsibility implies that no proof of carelessness is required; rather, it is sufficient to show that the defendant owned the dog, which bit the victim.

What To Do After a Dog Bite

These are the first three things you need to do immediately after a dog bite attack.


Get Medical Treatment Immediately

Your health is the most important thing. Be sure to get access to the best doctors and treatment right away.

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Collect all the necessary evidence

Immediately preserve the evidence you’ll need to prove what happened to you: contact info, photos, insurance information and reports.

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Do your homework on your legal rights. Call an attorney.

Call attorney John Montevideo. Discuss your case with him directly, not an intake person or paralegal.

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John Michael Montevideo works tirelessly to help people like you. His practice is dedicated to carefully reviewing his clients’ stories and seeking to bring fulfill the justices wronging them. He is the Senior Trial Attorney and Founder of the Dog Bite Law Group.

Taking Immediate Legal Action

When an individual has experienced a dog bite and as a result, suffered harm, John Michael's practice promptly and efficiently protects their rights.

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We Can Help Build Your Case If You Have Been Hurt

Our dog bite attorneys can help you recover the following damages:

  • medical expenses
  • lost earnings
  • suffering
  • physical and mental harm, and disfigurement

    Your lawyer will need to retain the services of experts who will help establish important facts vital to your case such as the severity of your injury, ownership of the dog, the identity of the dog, its link to your injury, negligence on the part of the owner and negligent entrustment to an unfit handler are something your lawyer will seek from other experts.

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Contact Our Del Mar Dog Bite Lawyer Today

Dog bite lawsuits may be challenging. Don't attempt to handle the matter on your own if you were hurt by a dog or are being accused of owning a dog that bit someone else. Instead, speak with a skilled dog bite attorney in your area who has handled similar cases. He or she can evaluate your situation and calculate the cost of your losses. Additionally, your attorney can decide if you ought to settle out of court or proceed to trial.

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