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Dog Bite Lawyer

While a dog bite injury may sound minor, they are anything but in many cases. Many of those who have been injured in dog bite attacks in Oakland, CA, have suffered dramatically, both physically and emotionally. And the financial toll that these injuries take can affect a victim and their family well into the future and sometimes for life.

If you have suffered injuries in a dog bite attack, you may be able to hold the dog’s owner liable for your expenses and other damages. At the Dog Bite Law Group, we can help.

What Compensation Can Be Recovered From an Oakland Dog Bite Injury Claim?

When you have suffered injuries in a dog bite attack, you may be facing painful physical injuries, overwhelming emotional consequences, and may require ongoing medical and psychological treatment. While you may have adequate health insurance, the enormous losses you are facing may leave you with bills that will need to be paid out of pocket. This is why it is important to get the compensation you deserve from the liable party.

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Depending on the circumstances, compensation from dog bite claims will vary, but usually include past, current, and future medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, physical impairment, disfigurement, and emotional distress.

How the Law Regards Dog Bites In Oakland

While your interests as a victim are to heal and get your life back on track, the dog owner and the insurance company don't want the liability and will often actively work to mitigate their financial responsibility. This leaves a dog bite injury victim potentially fighting for every penny of compensation that they get.

This is where legal assistance is crucial. With the skilled Oakland dog bite lawyers at the Dog Bite Law Group on your side, you can rest assured that we are diligently working to ensure that you get the compensation you truly deserve for your injuries.

Visit our Bay Area resource pages if you need to report a dog bite attack in Northern California: Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Fresno County,Marin County, Monterey County, San Luis Obispo County, or San Mateo County.

What To Do After a Dog Bite

These are the first three things you need to do immediately after a dog bite attack.


Get Medical Treatment Immediately

Your health is the most important thing. Be sure to get access to the best doctors and treatment right away.

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Collect all the necessary evidence

Immediately preserve the evidence you’ll need to prove what happened to you: contact info, photos, insurance information and reports.

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Do your homework on your legal rights. Call an attorney.

Call attorney John Montevideo. Discuss your case with him directly, not an intake person or paralegal.

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Taking Immediate Legal Action

When an individual has experienced a dog bite and as a result, suffered harm, John Michael's practice promptly and efficiently protects their rights.

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California Civil Code Section 3342

California dog bite laws differ from those in many other states. While some states require that a dog must have had a propensity for aggression in order to hold the owner liable for injuries, California places strict liability on the dog’s owner, regardless of whether the dog had acted aggressively in the past.

While there are some exceptions to this strict liability, in most cases, a dog owner will be held liable for any injuries or other damages caused by their dog’s behavior. If the dog has acted aggressively in the past, the court may take added measures to ensure that the dog will not harm others in the future.

    When you have been injured by a dog bite, you will want to get skilled legal counsel as soon as possible after you have sought medical care. At the Dog Bite Law Group, we will do an in-depth evaluation to ensure your best possible outcome in a dog bite injury claim.

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Our firm will analyze the facts surrounding the incident and establish pertinent information such as where the bite occurred, whether you knew the dog, what kind of dog it was, whether you were on the property legally, and whether you may have provoked the dog in any way. We will gather information regarding the circumstances, who witnessed the event, and who may be able to corroborate any history of aggression by the dog. With this information, we can establish the dog owner’s liability. It's important to determine if there is insurance coverage available for an injury claim and file a claim with the associated insurance company. If not, we can proceed with an injury claim against the dog’s owner.

Getting the Legal Assistance of an Experienced Oakland Dog Bite Lawyer

If you suffered a dog bite attack, you should have a skilled Oakland dog bite attorney on your side. At the Dog Bite Law Group, we diligently fight for your rights to fair compensation after a dog bite injury to ensure your best possible outcome. Call us at (510) 295-4880 or contact us via our online contact form to schedule a no-cost consultation.

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