The Advantages of Contingency Fees for Legal Help

If you’ve been injured in a dog bite attack, you’re already facing a lot of different stresses and challenges.  You are probably dealing with some or all of the following:

  • Ongoing pain
  • Mental suffering in several different forms
  • Missing work
  • Ongoing medical care
  • Mounting medical bills
  • The prospect of long-term or permanent disfigurement
  • Future medical care needs
  • Additional financial losses

The last thing someone in your position needs is to avoid seeking the advice of a California dog bite lawyer because you’re concerned that doing so will only add to your financial concerns.  That’s why attorneys, including those from the Dog Bite Law Group, accept cases on contingency fees for legal help.  This type of fee arrangement provides several advantages to the client.

Do I Owe Any Money if My Case Doesn’t Recover Anything?

Absolutely not. When you hire the Dog Bite Law Group and we don’t recover money for you on your case you owe us absolutely nothing. When you retain us, we operate on a contingency fees for legal help. What that means is for our legal work, we get a percentage of the recovery that we get for you. If there is no recovery, then there is no fee owed and you owe us nothing.

When you hire Montevideo Law, you get the following benefits immediately:

  • Free Case Evaluation in our office your home or hospital or simply over the phone.
  • No Upfront Costs: It costs you nothing to get your case started right away.
  • No Fee Unless You Win
  • We are in it together. The better you do the better your attorney does and visa versa.

You can obtain our legal services without any money out up-front or out-of-your-pocket. Our program assures you that no matter the result of your personal injury case, you will never have to pay any attorney’s fees or costs if your case is not successful.

Below you’ll find a brief overview of the nature of contingency fees in legal cases in hopes that you’ll obtain a better idea of what to expect.

What Is a contingency Fees for Legal Help?

At its foundation, a contingency fee is just that – a fee that only comes due contingent upon the result of the legal matter.  If the attorney does not secure a recovery for you, you do not have to pay that attorney legal fees.  However, if the attorney does help you recover damages, he or she will retain a percentage of that recovery as his or her form of payment of legal fees.  The specific percentage that the attorney will retain can be different, depending on the following:

  • Whether or not the case settled before the lawsuit was filed;
  • Whether or not the case settled after the lawsuit was filed but before trial; or
  • Whether the case went to trial and the attorney helped you obtain a positive verdict.

In addition, most costs associated with the case, including:

  • Copying fees for documents
  • Expert witness fees
  • Deposition costs
  • Court reporter costs

Are only paid to the attorney if the case is successful.  If the case does not lead to the recovery of damages, the client will not owe the attorney for costs in most situations.

Communicate Early

If you contact a California dog bite lawyer at the Dog Bite Law Group and you sit for a free initial consultation after an attack, you should feel comfortable talking about fee arrangements should your attorney recommend that you pursue a legal claim.  Your attorney will walk you through the process so that you fully understand the specific percentages and numbers involved with your scenario so that there is no ambiguity in that regard.

Should you both agree that there is a strong case and that a contingency fees for legal help is appropriate, you will execute a written fee arrangement that clearly spells out the parameters of your relationship.  As you work through this together, feel free to ask as many questions as possible.  Examples of common questions we’re happy to answer include:

  • How many California dog bite cases have you handled?
  • How many of these dog bite cases went to trial?
  • What were the overall results of these cases?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of my case?
  • How can I help you move the case forward efficiently?

There really is no such thing as a bad question, as we want you to be as comfortable with us as possible as we begin to fight for your legal rights.

Why Contingency Fees Are Important

If you have been injured in a California dog bite attack, you may already be facing calls and other types of inquiries from insurance company representatives and perhaps even defense attorneys.  Insurance companies have vast resources at their disposal and they handle these situations every day.  Their job is generally to limit their financial liability as much as possible.

Money should never be a bar to justice, which is one of the main reasons that contingency fees exist and one of the many reasons that our California dog bite attorneys are willing to work under this type of an arrangement.  Obtaining the help of a reputable attorney can have an immediate positive effect on your case, including:

  • The insurance company will know that you’re serious about your recovery.
  • The other side will understand that you won’t fall prey to games or tactics.
  • It will be understood that you will pursue all forms of recovery.
  • They will understand that you won’t hesitate to file a lawsuit if a settlement is not reached.
  • They will also understand that you won’t hesitate to go to trial if such a step is necessary.

You both need and deserve to have a level playing field, and working with an experienced California dog bite lawyer will do just that for you.  It will also do so without you having to face any financial risks.  As explained above, if you work with our firm and we help you recover damages, we will deal with the legal fees and costs when the matter is complete.

Contact A California Dog Bite Lawyer For Help

If you have been injured in a dog bite attack, you have enough on your plate.  You don’t need to avoid learning more about your legal rights and options because you’re concerned about facing additional financial burdens.  You won’t have to when you contact our Orange County Dog Bite Attorney to schedule a free initial consultation.  Do so today so you can move your situation towards a proper resolution.