Scarring, Fractures and Annular fissure in paracentral disc


Case Synopsis:

Montevideo Law, PC dba Dog Bite Law Group obtained a $301,000.00 settlement on behalf of a wonderful woman viciously attacked by a dog while on a walk with her dog in the neighborhood.

Our elderly client was out walking her dog on her usual route when out of nowhere a pit bull ran out and viciously attacked her and her Labrador. The pit bull attacked the Labrador first, grabbing him and biting him in his hindquarter. Our client was knocked to the ground and suffered multiple injuries to her forearms and hands. She suffered severe scarring, fractures, an annular fissure in the paracentral disc. The pit bull killed our client’s Labrador, a longtime family member. Witnesses testified it was a very bloody scene.

The Result:

The defense initially denied the case and worked feverously to deny any liability, blaming our client’s injuries on her for fighting back. In the end, attorney John Montevideo and his team were able to overcome every legal challenge and obtain compensation for their client in an amount of $301,000.00 for past and future medical costs and past and future pain and suffering from two different defendants, the dog owners and a friend that was house sitting at the time of the attack. It truly was a pleasure to represent our client in this case and support her with what she needed during the case and her future ahead.