Scarring, Fractures to hands/back and Psychological Damages


Case Synopsis:

Montevideo Law, PC dba Dog Bite Law Group obtained a $320,000.00 settlement on behalf of two families viciously attacked by the same dog in the same park on the same day.

At the first attack, our elderly clients were out for a walk in their Orange County neighborhood park with their leashed dogs when an unleashed dog ran from a nearby home and attacked. They were knocked to the ground and bitten several times while the gentleman heroically fought back to protect his wife and dogs by wrestling the dog and holding it down in a headlock and chokehold. Our clients suffered multiple fractures to their hands, vertebrae and scarring on their bodies.

The second attack took place later that evening, when a young mother was out for a walk in the same neighborhood park with her infant child and leashed dog. The same dog escaped through a known and unrepaired hole in the fence from the same nearby house and attacked again, knocking the young mother and her infant baby to the ground while their family dog was torn apart. Our client suffered severe psychological damages.

The Result:

The defense attempted to argue the severity and causation of the injuries at every turn in these cases and worked feverously to deny any liability and blamed our clients’ injuries on them for fighting back. In the end, attorney John Montevideo and his team were able to overcome every legal challenge and obtain compensation for their client in an amount of $320,000.00 for past and future medical costs and past and future pain and suffering for the families he represented. John Montevideo also joined and supported his clients at a community meeting to bring awareness of the dog attack problem and help foster a conversation to implement protective and preventative measures to ensure this doesn’t happen to anyone else in the future. It was an honor to represent and fight for these two families.