Case Synopsis:

Montevideo Law, PC dba Dog Bite Law Group obtained a $1,301,000.00 settlement on behalf of a young woman who was attacked by a dog that bit her in the face, severely lacerating and partially tearing her nose from her face.

The 34-year-old young woman was in a friend’s residence when the dog suddenly turned and lunged up at her face, biting her on the nose and lip. Immediately, blood began shooting from her face and she ran to the bathroom to see that part of her nose had been bitten off. She was rushed to the hospital for an emergency composite graft procedure to repair the laceration and reattach her nose. She was hospitalized for 5 nights and required multiple additional surgical procedures. Her nose was missing tissue which needed to be replaced, so skin and cartilage were harvested from her ear to reshape, build and support her nose. Hyperbaric treatments were required throughout her treatment after each surgery. After the significant facial disfigurement to her nose and face, our client was stigmatized and was often a target of discrimination causing her to experience anxiety and severe psychological symptoms of depression following the attack.

The Result:

The defense denied the claim and worked feverously to deny any liability. In the end, attorney John Montevideo and his team were able to overcome every legal challenge and obtain compensation for their client in an amount of $301,000.00 from the underlying homeowner insurance and an additional $1,000,000.00 from the umbrella excess insurance coverage for past and future medical costs as well as past and future pain and suffering. Our client now has the means needed to support her through her physical and psychological journey ahead. We are proud of her and are grateful for her trust in our firm to help lift her up and shepherd her through this tragedy.